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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s been forever since ____ was released! What’s taking so long?
– Life. Might be that there’s not people that we need in order to release, internet connection is bad, somebody who’s working on it has to leave away for a while, school, work etc. etc. Usually manga is coming out slowly if there’s no translators available at the moment and that’s why more translators are always needed.

When will you release ____? 
– We honestly can’t say so please don’t ask. We’ll release ____ when we have chapters ready and we try to have some sort of schedule but we can’t always go according to it; there might be exam week or bad connection so it’s even impossible to upload anything.

Can you pick up ____? I really like this manga/manhwa/manhua!
– With our current situation, no. We don’t have enough people to work on any more series right now. However, we’d like to think about it later on if it interests us so drop by the suggestions thread here and write it down so we actually remember it when it’s time to pick up new series.

How can I join your group?
-Go to our discord and chat with one of the leaders (celes or Anonx). Unfortunately some positions are not always open as we’d like to be able to offer something to do to the person who applies. The mere reason for some of the positions to be closed is that there’s no need for more people with that role right now.

Do I get paid if I join your group?
– No. Everybody works in this group as volunteers out of pure passion to get manga out for the readers. Although, I’d like to be able to pay the people who work so hard for this group but maybe that’ll be a thing in the future.

Do you accept joints?
– Usually yes but it depends on the arrangement you offer to us. If you’re in need of editors in order to release, that’s easily accepted; however if you need us to do the translations, most likely we have to decline. Please contact us at [email protected] and we can discuss about this more.

What type of group you are?
– We’re pretty chill group that wants to bring interesting mangas to the people who can’t read them in the original language. Our plan is to get all kind mangas to do but somehow we ended up having a lot of action & comedy series. Whenever we can, we want to bring also sports, shounen ai, horror and other genres to the collection.

When Meraki Scans was established?
– We’re a fairly new group and we released the first time in March 2017.

I have a question/information you’d need to know. How can I contact you?
– We have a “Contact Us” tab here which is the easiest way to get in touch with us if you have something to tell. We also have a discord channel, (invitation link) and we will answer there too whenever we notice a message.

I don’t know anything about scanlation but I’d like to help still. What can I do?
– Well, we don’t train people to any roles. We do have guides here, but I think they’re not detailed enough to actually start learning everything you need to know from them. You can try though and if you feel like you know what you’re doing after reading them, go ahead and come chat with us in discord. Other ways to support us is to donate or just talk to us in our discord channel.

If you still couldn’t find the answer to your question here, just sent a message to [email protected]

– celes