This is a group in which the main idea is to publish mangas, manhuas and manhwas that got dropped or haven’t even been scanlated yet. We DO NOT have a no-dropping policy but we’re not dropping any projects without a good reason.

I spent many hours trying to decide the name of the group and finally I found a word meraki which means “doing something with total love and pure soul. It is leaving a little piece of yourself in your creative work.” So, I think meraki represents this group perfectly; the dedication I’m willing to put in this group with the team that wants to help me out.

The first group that I applied to about 2 years ago had this section in their application in which I could tell the reason why I want to join and this was my answer: “First of all I have read manga about 4 or 5 years and I am always waiting for some series to complete and it’s kind of a disappointment when some of those are dropped in the middle so I never get to read those mangas to the end. Sometimes the dropping happens because there’s just few persons doing that one project and there’s simply just no time (or will maybe?) to do it. (at least this is how I imagine things to happen) Anyways I’d like to help solve this “forever on-going serie, no update even after 3 years” problem so everyone could just enjoy some complete mangas.”

I’ve  loved mangas etc. for a long time and I believe I’ve read more than 700 mangas in total so I know how annoying it is to find a manga that sounds awesome but then notice that it’s been dropped or the group working on it has become inactive. My goal is to help people finish those awesome mangas and I’m honestly willing to put my time to this group even when I’m in the middle of moving, getting married and starting in a new school. Please help me to reach this goal, I promise it’ll be worth all the hard work.