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Mogusa-san 5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings. 4 user reviews.



High school boy Koguchi Torao sees Mogusa Minori, a quiet, reserved girl in his class, walk into the restaurant run by his family and order an unbelievable amount of food, and even more surprisingly, sees that she keeps unagi pie (a sweet biscuit made with powdered eel) in her wallet?! The story revolves around Koguchi and Mogusa's meetings in daily life and Koguchi's observations of Mogusa's unbelievable (and quite eccentric) eating habits.

Alternative Name: もぐささん, 百草同学, Mogusasan

Author: OOTAKE Toshitomo

Artist: OOTAKE Toshitomo

Publisher: -

Category: comedy, romance, school life, seinen

Tagged as: -

Characters: -

Date Added: Jan 05, 2018

Released in: -

Reading Direction: Right to left

Status: Ongoing

Update Frequency: Unknown

Rank: 16

Total views: 54638

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