Okay okay, I’m pretty sure that if you’re looking for a scanlation group, you already know what person in a certain position does, however the names are pretty self-explanatory if you’re new in this organized chaos. 

Translator [TL]: Lets us know what’s actually happening on pages. In this group basically any writing program is okay; Google Docs, WordPad, LibreOffice etc. as long as the files can be opened in most computers. Needs a program that can open .zip filed raws.

Proofreader [PR]: The guy knows English well and hails Grammar Nazis. Can open the translated file whichever common program has been chosen and can mark the changes in other color for the rest of the staff to see. CLOSED

Cleaner [CL]: Makes disgusting pages presentable. There’s better information in forum about the page size we use and how good is good enough. Uses a program in which .zip filed raws can be opened and you can save cleaned pages in .psd format and .zip the clean file. CLOSED

Typesetter [TS]: Handles the responsibility of placing the text into the right place. The wild persona. Knows how to use different fonts instead of boring Wild Words but doesn’t get too crazy on every page. (Fellow typesetters know what I mean by Wild Words) Can open .zip and .psd files and also knows how to get the files back to .zip format. CLOSED

Quality Checker [QC]: ONLY FOR EXPERIENCED ONES! The person whom everyone dislikes very deeply. Points out most of the mistakes other people have made during the progress and fixes them. Knows how to do little bit of this and little bit of that. Uomo Universale. Can open .zip and .psd files and knows how to turn .psd to .jpg or .png. Fills in the credit pages with correct information. CLOSED

Assistant [A]: The master of none. Helps with whatever is needed, usually basic cleans, separates chapters and/or pulls raws. Sometimes there’s no work and sometimes drowns in the huge workload, I promise you that. Knows how to open .zip files and puts ready files back to .zip format. Directions how to do what you’re asked for will be in the forum for every type of work.

Fill this please
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